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Framework Laptop Review (Hands On) — The Anti-MacBook Is Here

Alex Wawro, Tom's Guide:

The Framework Laptop goes on sale today, and it's got a unique pitch. Buy this laptop and you'll have the freedom to swap out almost all the parts at will, letting you repair and customize it to an unprecedented degree. And after getting time with the laptop for this hands-on Framework Laptop review, I feel pretty bullish about what the company's promising.

This is a big deal for DIY computing enthusiasts, and it's a powerful sales pitch in a market where leading manufacturers like Apple proudly release products designed to be difficult (if not impossible) for customers to crack open and tinker with themselves.

To get a better feel for the Framework Laptop, check out this hands-on video from Norman Chan and Adam Savage's Tested.

Hands-On with Framework's Fully Modular Laptop

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