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Lunduke Has Feelings About JavaScript. Part 738.

Bryan Lunduke:

Go to This is my favorite example., just the data that comes down, only for one page, one front's bigger than Doom. It's bigger than the video game Doom, which has a whole 3-D rendering engine, network playability that works over multiple types of networks, tons of artificial intelligence, maps of all sorts, graphics all over the map. And that's just for one page of the news. Not all the details of the news. Just the headlines, listed out with links.

The Average Webpage Is Now the Size of the Original Doom | Wired

JavaScript, the language itself, isn't necessarily at fault. It's the way we, as a developer community, have embraced the "let's use JavaScript for everything" that has clobbered the old Web, it has encouraged bloat, and it is just not a great foundation from which to build a light, lean, fast, stable platform of the future.

Lunduke has feelings about JavaScript. Part 738.

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