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Project Gutenberg is a wonderful place to get free eBooks. Standard Ebooks uses such resources to produce high-quality eBook editions that add a modern fit and finish.

In particular, eBook connoisseurs might appreciate the following:

Our ebooks include complete, well-researched, and consistent metadata, including original, detailed book blurbs and links to encyclopedia sources. Perfect for machine processing or for extra-curious, technically-minded readers.


Each Standard Ebook takes full advantage of the latest ereader technology, including:

  • Hyphenation support,
  • Popup footnotes,
  • High-resolution and scalable vector graphics,
  • Ereader-compatible tables of contents, and more.

One of our goals is to ensure our ebooks stay up-to-date with the best reading experience technology can provide. Just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean it has to use old technology.


Everyone knows a book is judged by its cover, but most free ebooks leave it to your ereader software to generate a drab default cover.

Standard Ebooks draws from a vast collection of public domain fine art to create attractive, unique, appropriate, and consistent covers for each of our ebooks.


Our strict coding standards allow technologists and ebook producers to use Standard Ebooks files as reliable, easy to read, and robust bases for their own work—not to mention as models of what well-crafted ebook files look like. Common code patterns are repeated through different ebooks, so the code never surprises you.

Each ebook is also enhanced with careful standards-based semantic markup that opens the gateway for exciting new kinds of machine processing.

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