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The Background Story of AppImage

Abhishek Prakash, It's FOSS:

As a Linux user, you might have come across AppImages. This is a portable packaging format that allows you to run an application on any Linux distribution.

Using AppImage is really simple. You just need to give it execute permission and double click to run it, like the .exe files in Windows. This solves a major problem in Linux as different kind of distributions have different kind of packaging formats. You cannot install .deb files (of Debian/Ubuntu) on Fedora and vice versa.

We talked to Simon, the developer of AppImage, about how and why he created this project. Read some of the interesting background story and insights Simon shares about AppImage.

While it is hard to beat the integration and maintenance benefits of a proper distribution package manager, it is nice to have a simpler, cross-platform application alternative like AppImage.

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