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Rented Future: The Dangerous Rise of Life as a Service

LibrePlanet 2020:

We are entering the post-ownership age. In recent years, the Service as a Software Substitute (SaaSS) model, which is already dominant in many areas of consumer software, has begun to spread into other aspects of our lives. It will soon be, if it isn't already, possible to live without actually owning possessions. You can now get your clothes, electronics and food -- among many other items -- on subscription, as well as real-world services such as laundry and transport. In time, we are set to see a handful of companies renting you everything you rely on, and that gives them incredible power, not only in terms of your possessions, but also in terms of their ideological control over you and the wider population. This session explores the potential damage of the Life as a Service (LaaS) model, and what free software can do to help.

Rented Future

The full transcript is available via Verdict.

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