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Talk Python to Me - Episode #327: Little Automation Tools in Python

Michael Kennedy:

You've heard me talk to wide cast of people building amazing things with Python. Some of them are building bio-reactors to remove carbon from the air with AI and Python. Others are optimizing aerodynamics and race strategy at the highest levels of automobile racing.

This episode is different. Rather than seeing how far we can push Python to the edges of technology, we are diving in to the tiny Python applications that might never be released publicly and yet can transform our day to day lives with simple automation on an individual level.

We have 4 great guests with us here today: Rivers Cuomo, Jay Miller, Kim van Wyk, and Rusti Gregory. They will each share a couple of apps and the underlying packages they used to build them. I know this will be a super motivational episode for many of you. I hope that after listening, you'll transform something tedious and error-prone in your live to an instantaneous button click solution with Python.

Little Automation Tools in Python

So many interesting projects. Wonderful episode.

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