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Being able to understand and work with data is no longer just a useful skill for certain kinds of academics and professional workers, but a prerequisite for being able to comprehend and navigate the modern world. The data field is diverse, including areas such as:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Engineering

An equally diverse set of podcasts has developed to cover these topics. These are some options to help you stay engaged:

Data Skeptic
A podcast about data science, AI, machine learning, and data.
Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way.
DataCamp's official podcast, presented by Hugo Bowne-Anderson. Explores the inner workings of the data science industry.
Global online community of data enthusiasts that talk about analytics, machine learning, and engineering.
Gradient Dissent
A machine learning podcast that interviews industry leaders and discusses machine learning in the real world.
Learning Bayesian Statistics
A podcast on Bayesian inference, and the methods, projects, and people that make it possible.
Numerically Speaking
On Numerically Speaking, Anaconda's Peter Wang dives into data, quantitative computing, and business and entrepreneurship as he speaks to creators of cutting-edge open-source tools and looks at their impact on research in every domain.
The Data Engineering Podcast
A weekly podcast about data engineering. Covers modern data management, and features weekly deep dives with the engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs that shape the industry.
The Data Engineering Show
A podcast for data engineering and Business Intelligence (BI) practitioners to go beyond theory, and learn from tech luminaries about their practical day-to-day data challenges and solutions in a casual and fun setting.
The Data Fix
A podcast of conversations with scholars, thinkers, and feelers. Together we explore the significance of living in a world of data.
The Data Stack Show
Conversations at the intersection of data engineering and business, with Kostas Pardalis and Eric Dodds.
The Effective Statistician
Enabling statisticians to lead through innovation and excellence.
The Machine Learning Podcast
Machine learning and AI are the biggest catalysts for change and innovation in the modern era. Tune in to the Machine Learning Podcast to stay up to date with this rapidly evolving industry.
The Radical AI Podcast
A podcast centering marginalized or otherwise radical voices in industry and the academy for dialogue, collaboration, and debate regarding the field of AI Ethics and the relationship between the humanities and machine learning.
TWIML AI Podcast
Keep up with interesting and important stories from the world of machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.

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