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Want to Run Python Code in a Browser? Soon You Might Be Able to

Liam Tung, ZDNet:

Some people in the Python community have wondered whether Python has been pulled too far towards data science, potentially undermining its usefulness as a general-purpose programming language. Besides the browser, Python's other weak point is that running on mobile devices, or indeed any application – even on desktop – requires a graphical user interface.

But even in the data science field, there's an appetite to make Python more browser-friendly. Peter Wang, co-founder and CEO of Anaconda, the maker of the popular Anaconda Python distribution for data science, previously told ZDNet it was "incredibly awkward to use Python to build and distribute any applications that have actual graphical user interfaces".

Wang's firm showed off a new tool they have been working on to bring Python for data science to the browser.

For more information on PyScript, Eryk Lewinson wrote a nice overview with some concrete examples, and Peter Wang's keynote presentation is available online.

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