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Keynote - Naomi Ceder

PyCon 2022:

Naomi Ceder earned a Ph.D in Classics several decades ago, but switched from ancient human languages to computer languages sometime in the last century. Since 2001, she has been learning, teaching, writing about, and using Python.

She has attended every PyCon since the first one in 2003 and was one of the originators of the Poster Session, the Education Summit, the Intro to Sprints sessions, the PyCon Charlas, and the Hatchery.

An elected fellow of the Python Software Foundation, Naomi is the immediate past chair of its board of directors. She is also co-founder of Trans*Code and speaks internationally about Python as well as community, inclusion, and diversity in technology in general.

The author of The Quick Python Book and the Explore Python Fundamentals project series, she has also done corporate training in Python. In her spare time she enjoys sketching, knitting, and deep philosophical conversations with her dog.

Keynote - Naomi Ceder

Who is rewarded and embraced, versus who is ostracized, marginalized, and expunged, says much about the character of a group. Hopefully, the Python community will continue to attract speakers like this and heed their words.

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